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It's Me, Virginia

Virginia Lung

Owner +




 Training Shout-outs

Trained under:
Kimberly Wilson, Tranquil Space
Patty Ivey, Down Dog Yoga
Baron Baptiste, BPYI
Shiva Rea
Jenny & Jason, AcroYoga
Tim Miller
David Kyle, It's Yoga Puerto Rico
Other factoids:
Extensive Baptiste trainings
Rocket Yoga Certified
Thai Massage Certification through the Thai Institute of Healing Arts
Ashtanga intensives and immersions


Virginia's yoga journey started 13 years ago. It started off as a simple curiosity which blossomed into a way of life. Vinyasa found her, grounded her and transformed her. It came to her during a hard time in her life...getting out of a very difficult relationship, moving and illness. 
At first, yoga was Virginia's means of healing her heart. Then, it became a physical challenge; a search for a deeper practice. Finally, she landed in her Ashtanga practice. It seemed balanced. Physically demanding. Mentally uplifting. Constant evolution and growth. Things off the mat started to matter more. Relationships with people, food and consumption meant something on a whole new level of consciousness.
Through Ashtanga tradition and evolution, Virginia hopes to inspire you to practice, practice, practice. It will seep into your life, making it strong, deep, and thoughtful.


Who Are You?

Hometown: Greenbelt, MD


Why Prana Vibe: Hold a space for people to get strong, face their fears and have fun


Some Favorite Quick Memories: Cashmere running like the wind...


Current Playlist: Thievery Corporation stuff


Favorite Foods: Bon Chon Chicken, arugula salad with cranberries and almonds, fresh cold young coconut, hot coffee w/ a splash of almond milk, fresh berries


When not at Prana Vibe, I'm: Chillin' with my villains Cashmere and Shaun


Last local purchase: Vinegar for cleaning the studio


Dream vacation: Bora Bora with Shaun and Cashmere, semi-rustic semi-modernized (like hot water and flushing toilets)


#1 on my bucket list: Travel to my father's hometown of Guilin, China


Biggest Pet Peeve: Forgetting that we live in a global community and that the world doesn't revolve around us


Favorite Local Restaurants: Bon Chon, Silver Diner, Coastal Flats, Flippin Pizza, and for healthier options…Virginia's kitchen


Guilty pleasure: Massages, shopping for yoga clothes


Who would play me in a movie about my life: Ming-na, or Gong-Li because people say that they look like me