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The Rulebook

In order to ensure we provide you with a fun and safe environment while training, we encourage you to read and abide by the following rules. If someone is new and they miss one please help them out. 

  1. Remember our Fair Price Guarantee: No Penalties, Surcharges, etc. Unless you start doing things that make us incur a bunch of penalties, we’re not going to pass any penalties or fees down to you. As a general rule, if you treat all equipment like YOU spent the money on it we should be fine. Don't misuse, mistreat, or mishandle equipment. 
  2. If you use something, put it away when you’re done. And while you’re at it, put it in the right place. Pretty simple. This includes bumper plates (face up), kettlebells, barbells, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, abmats, collars (closed)…I can go on forever.
  3. Clean up your DNA.  We know you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your workout. We just ask that you clean it up afterwards.  There are Clorox wipes for your convenience.
  4. DO NOT slam boxes around, They won’t last as long. Please try not to bang them into the walls. 
  5. Nobody loves nails on a chalkboard!! DO NOT drop empty/unloaded barbells. Have you heard what it sounds like?! Not only is it annoying, but it is bad for the barbell. The rubber bumper plates absorb impact. Without them, the collars and bearings of the barbell get ruined.
  6. Do not drop kettlebells…We drop weights for safety, not for fun or out of laziness. We know you’re tired, but I find it hard to believe that you don’t have enough energy to safely lower a 53 lb kettlebell down to the ground under control. 
  7. While we’re on the subject of dropping weight, DO NOT “ghost ride” your barbells.  If you drop your barbell, follow it down and make sure it doesn’t bounce or roll into someone or something.
  8. Chalk belongs in only two places…your hands and in the bucket. DO NOT make it snow in the gym. I know the chalk smells nice, but nobody wants to inhale a cloud of it when in the middle of a workout. Contrary to popular belief, you don't look cool with chalk in your hair.
  9.  Keep the bathrooms clean. We don’t expect you to turn into Mr Clean. Just do the simple things. Make sure your paper towels or tissues end up in the garbage can.  If you drip water all over the floor, wipe it up.  If you clog the toilet, no big deal. Use the plunger. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen and let the toilet overflow.  Yes, this has happened…
  10. Show respect to your coach and let him coach. Don’t disrupt or delay the class. Once instruction has started, stop talking and listen, even if you know how to do the movement(s).
  11. Children MUST stay on the sofas at all times. Your kids are awesome and welcome, but when they misbehave it disrupts the entire class. If you decide to bring them, ensure they have something to entertain themselves with. We are not babysitters, and will tell them once to stay put. After that we will stop your workout for you to handle them. Additionally, at no time are they allowed on the gym floor or equipment.

Gracias (that means thank you in Mexican)

-MEX & Cashmere