3656 Centerview Drive Suite #6  :  Chantilly, VA  :  703-829-0363


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Our Mission


We will improve one person's life, or one person's day, and that will affect many, as a result we can change familes, neighborhoods, and even countries - one athlete at a time.




The Facility 


With 1300 square feet of dedicated yoga practice space, and an additonal 3000 square feet designed specifically for Strength & Conditioning use, we strive to keep things a little bit edgy, a little bit underground but a whole lot of fun.




Fair Price Guarantee


We've always believed in striving to do the right thing. Our pricing is no different! Below are some details of what we call our Fair Price Guarantee. Basically we feel that this stuff just makes sense.


  • No Initiation Fees. Let's get serious, with digital everything these days is there really a need to charge you to type some words onto your iDevice?
  • No Long Term Contracts. We believe you're going to love our service! Why do we need to handcuff you into it? Although we hope you'll be with us forever, should you choose to cancel simply give us a 30 day heads up by filling out this online form and you're off the hook.  
  • Freeze Your Account Anytime. Going on a long vacation across Europe? Have a bad month at the office coming up? Let us know you’d like to freeze the next 30 days at least 5 business days before next payment date, and we’ll freeze it. More info here 
  • No Penalties, Surcharges, etc. Unless you start doing things that make us incur a bunch of penalties, we’re not going to pass any penalties or fees down to you.

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