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Our Strength & Conditioning Program


Whether you have specific weight loss goals, are a competitive athlete, or just want to stay healthy, we have a program ideal for you.
High quality, functional movements (things you do everyday) are our homeboy and we use them at an appropriate intensity to help you achieve your goals. We feel that we have a place for everyone from those looking for a competitive group atmosphere to private coaching where you and a coach can work together to achieve your specific goals.


The class that put us on the map and and has kept us there ever since! Learn how to truly embrace being uncomfortable and unlock your fitness potential. HI-PER™ is based in functional movements performed at high intensity. You will be pushed to YOUR limits and will meet or exceed all of your fitness goals. Small class sizes enable us to help you reach your fitness goals faster and help reduce injury due to more attention to the fine details. Your growth, even the smallest amount is most important to us!


Olympic weightlifting, functional strength training, along with bodyweight movements, metabolic conditioning and more are mixed together to improve strength, mobility, and conditioning. We welcome all abilities in the HI-PER™ class as we are master mechanics at scaling the workouts to your individual fitness abilities. HI-PER™ is a 60 minute class and is offered all week long, so dig in!