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It's Me, Shaun

Shaun Trujillo




Training Shout-outs

Holds the following certificates:
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Strong Man
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Movement & Mobility
CrossFit Nutrition with Robb Wolf

Thai Massage Certification through the Thai Institute of Healing Arts

Instructor - Crossfit Lorton
Instructor - Hammerdown Crossfit



Shaun a.k.a. Mex is the man behind the curtain. He is the manager of Prana Vibe and is also the Strength & Conditioning instructor. He has been a Crossfit instructor for several years and holds many certifications that are essential to enabling you to move your body safely while increasing power output and efficiency. He believes that people should be strong, both physically and mentally. Body mechanics are his forte and he has a knack for helping people develop better body awareness. People should always be able to move their own bodyweight, no matter the situation.

"Recover your bod! With every bit of strength and flexibility that is gained there is maintenance to be done. You don't depend on anyone to brush your teeth, you shouldn't depend on anyone to perform general maintenance on your body!"    -shauno



Who Are You?

Hometown: Gallup, NM & Trinidad, CO


Why Prana Vibe: Nature is balanced, our bodies should be too! I love picking up heavy stuff, and also like to remain flexible. I'm an undiscovered gymnast at heart. It doesn't get better than having Strength & Conditioning and Yoga under one roof.


Some Favorite Quick Memories: Vegas hot tubs, My big orange cat, mountain biking in New Mexico, Miami with Virginia


Current Playlist: Check it out on Spotify-Logo_copy


Favorite Foods: Tacos


When not at Prana Vibe, I'm: Home snugglin with my 2 Chineses


Last local purchase: Joby GripTight Mount at REI


Dream vacation: Someplace warm where I can hunt for my food, bathe in saltwater, and drink from a natural spring


#1 on my bucket list: Ride in a helicopter


Biggest Pet Peeve: People of small consciousness


Favorite Local Restaurants: Any of the Great American restaurants


Guilty pleasure: Chocolate cake, Pancakes


Who would play me in a movie about my life: Young me- Joseph Gordon Levitt, Middle age me- Oscar De La Hoya, Old me- Jonathan Goldsmith