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Next Paleo Pow Wow


WARNING: Preparation is KEY! If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. This is work. Change is not easy. It'll take a lot of effort on your part. Love the work and it'll love you back.


Online info & shopping:
whole30.com printable downloads

Local food shopping & prepped meals:
Whole Foods
Trader Joes
Power Supply


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Online nutrition coaching with Virginia. If you're serious about improving your performance, body composition and overall health, then please email Virginia at virginia@pranavibe.com for more information on how to get started. This requires 100% commitment on your end to be completely transparent (ie. honest), coachable, and communicative. This can be fun and life changing! 


Guidelines for after your 30 days: we suggest a Primal approach & ONE cheat meal per week. What's the difference between Paleo and Primal? Basically, Primal also includes raw dairy, natural sweeteners (ie. honey, maple syrup, stevia). Adding these items back into your diet can be beneficial for overall sustainment but BE CAREFUL. Don't Paleo-fy pizza, cookies, etc. If you choose to eat these things, then it goes under the "once a week cheat meal" category.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be CHOOSY with your cheats AND it's only optional. You don't have to cheat but if you do, don't feel guilty, just understand the consequences.

We personally have found these parameters to be accessible and sustainable. Here's to happy, healthy living!