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It's Me, Julia

Julia Shin




Training Shout-outs

Trained under:
Prana Vibe- Virginia Lung
Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute- Dancing Mind Yoga
Other factoids:
RYT- 200
Thai Massage Certification through the Thai Institute of Healing Arts


Julia first lunged into yoga with the sole goal of strengthening her body. The mental clarity and discipline that followed suit was merely an accident, and an addictive one at that. Julia found herself demonstrating a new level of appreciation and resilience with each practice, embracing change and uniqueness that now translate into her everyday life. She yogas everyday—on and off the mat, in-studio and out, in her asanas, and through her prana—inhaling gratitude, exhaling the apathy. From her personal journey, Julia hopes to continue exploring and sharing the boundaries of her compassion, understanding, and strength.



Who Are You?

Hometown: Fairfax, VA


Why Prana Vibe:  I am free here.  I choose my practice, I choose how I teach.  My students are not a generalized population here, rather, individuals very different from each other but whom I collectively choose to serve towards.  I am a student every time I step in here, whether I am teaching or practicing.  I walk out of this space always feeling blessed and filled with gratitude.


Some Favorite Quick Memories: Family canoe trips, my dog, road trips with friends.


Current Playlist: Country because the sun is up


Favorite Foods: Sushi. Is coffee food?


When not at Prana Vibe, I'm: With family or friends, why waste your time not being with the people you love?


Last local purchase: Groceries


Dream vacation: Give me a mountain of fresh powder any day over warm white sand and clear blue water. okay okay... but the latter's a very close second.


#1 on my bucket list: Move to Colorado


Biggest Pet Peeve: Inactive humans inside capable bodies. Perfection.


Favorite Local Restaurants: Blue ocean


Guilty pleasure: Reading in bed all day, being by myself, and ice cream


Who would play me in a movie about my life: Rachel McAdams because she is so feisty and sassy and spunky, or Jennifer Aniston just because I love her. I love Jen!!