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What to expect at Prana Vibe? 


You can expect to be welcomed with open arms into a community of badasses! We have people that are just embarking on their first flights, those that make emergency landings once in a while, and a few that have more frequent flyer miles than they know what to do with. Either way there is space for you to lay down your mat and get ready to fly!



What's the difference between Hot Yoga

and the Rocket system?


Rocket is a fusion of the primary, intermediate, and advanced series of Ashtanga. This Vinyasa system heavily relies on breathing technique and movement to generate heat. There is less dependency on external heat to help the body sweat and detox. If you're breathing and moving with intention…you'll sweat…a lot.


This is especially pronounced in bumblebees, as they must warm up their bodies considerably to get airborne at low ambient temperatures. Bumblebees have been known to reach an internal thoracic temperature of 30 °C (86 °F) using this method. We feel this is a lot like the Rocket System.


How intense are the classes? 

The classes will be as intense as you make them. We can only offer you the opportunity to surf your edge, it's up to you to take the challenge! We encourage a strength based practice, not only on the exterior but the summoning of the internal strength to propel you UP!  This practice will challenge you with arm balances and inversions instead of a room heated to a million degrees, or a lightning fast flow...



I'm visiting from out of town,

can I drop in to a class? 


Yes, you can bring your own mat to Yoga or borrow one of ours,  but you'll have to provide your own sweat!



     $30 FOR 30 DAYS     





This sweet deal starts when you

attend your 1st class.


Come check out our classes,

meet our instructors, &

find out what you've been missing!