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It's Me, Cashmere


El Jefe



Training Shout-outs

Trained under:
Daniel Craig - How to not give a damn
Javier Bardem -  How to look scary
Pablo Escobar -  How to boss
Holds certificates in:
Security 101
Biting, all about biting
I'm not sleeping, I'm meditating


Cashmere is the boss of Prana Vibe, often referred to as El Jefe "The Chief". He calls all the shots and never takes no for an answer. If you're late on your monthly dues expect to see him on your door step, or worse in a dark alley.


His days are mostly spent meditating. This skill was mastered during his stay with some very knowledgable Chinese elders during the late Winter of 2010. Many often mistake the deep meditative state as sleeping, but this is definitely not the case.


Strength is one thing that Cashmere is known for, strength of the mind that is. You may call it stubbornness but he refers to it only as strong minded. During his early years he did plenty of yoga and has reached full enlightenment, so he feels that his physical practice is now complete.


He tries to stay on a fairly strict whole foods diet, but is not afraid to let loose with a little bit of coconut ice cream, or a tasty Five Guys burger.


Refrain from touching his head or pulling his ears and you may even be lucky enough to feed him a mint!


Who Are You?

Hometown: Centreville, VA


Why Prana Vibe: Where Shaun goes, I go


Some Favorite Quick Memories: Second family trip to VA beach.


Current Playlist: Danzig, Mumford and Sons, Pantera


Favorite Foods: Anything coconut, sweet potato, raw cheese, Chinese noodles


When not at Prana Vibe, I'm: Home sleeping, or eating


Last local purchase: I don't need money, I take what I want!


Dream vacation: VA Beach with my family. I love running on the beach.


#1 on my bucket list: Father a litter


Biggest Pet Peeve: People who touch my head, or pull my ears. I hate that!


Favorite Local Restaurants: Five Guys


Guilty pleasure: My pink pillow


Who would play me in a movie about my life: Malachy of course, but he'd need a lot of makeup and a serious trim