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Virginia's yoga journey started 15 years ago. It started off as a simple curiosity which blossomed into a way of life. Vinyasa found her, grounded her and transformed her. It came to her during a hard time in her life...getting out of a very difficult relationship, moving and illness. 
At first, yoga was Virginia's means of healing her heart. Then, it became a physical challenge; a search for a deeper practice. Finally, she landed in her Ashtanga practice. It seemed balanced. Physically demanding. Mentally uplifting. Constant evolution and growth. Things off the mat started to matter more. Relationships with people, food and consumption meant something on a whole new level of consciousness.
Through Ashtanga tradition and evolution, Virginia hopes to inspire you to practice, practice, practice. It will seep into your life, making it strong, deep, and thoughtful.



Shaun a.k.a. Mex is the Operator of Prana Vibe and is also the head Strength & Conditioning instructor. He has been a Crossfit instructor for several years and holds many certifications that are essential to enabling you to move your body safely while increasing power output and efficiency. He believes that people should be strong, both physically and mentally. Body mechanics are his forte and he has a knack for helping people develop better body awareness. People should always be able to move their own bodyweight, no matter the situation.
"Recover your bod! With every bit of strength and flexibility that is gained there is maintenance to be done. You don't depend on anyone to brush your teeth, you shouldn't depend on anyone to perform general maintenance on your body!"    -shauno



October 26th, 2011. After realizing she needed to get her shit together, Maddy bought a Groupon for hot yoga. A lifelong sloth, she thought she just wasn’t cut out for fitnessing. After one class she was hooked on bending, pranayama, and lavender scented savasanas.

After a few years of noodling Maddy realized her body was becoming VERY unbalanced. She googled “strong yoga” and found Prana Vibe. She couldn’t do a single chaturanga but fell in love with the struggle. Eventually she started to dabble in strength and conditioning and the rest is history.

Maddy finally listened to her heart and began teacher training under Yoga Master VA about a year ago, and now holds a 200 Hour RYT. She hopes to inspire people to be fearless, playful and forgiving with themselves in their movement practices and life.



Chris has been a Crossfit instructor and holds both his Level 1 and Level 2 Crossfit certifications. Chris has a passion for fitness and using fitness as a well for people to improve their quality of life. He believes that lessons and movement training that can be learned in the gym will carry over to every aspect outside of the gym. Chris is a former Division 1 Ice Hockey player at the University of Connecticut and also attended the Washington Capitals Development Camp in 2010. He also is aspiring Crossfit athlete, looking to push his mind and body as far as possible. 

"Be a man of morals and convictions. A man unconcerned with the perils and successes of those around him. A man only focused on improving himself each and everyday. Forget the paths trudged by others. Create your own path, for it is the first step to greatness"- Anonymous



Cashmere is the boss of Prana Vibe, often referred to as El Jefe "The Chief". He calls all the shots and never takes no for an answer. If you're late on your monthly dues expect to see him on your door step, or worse in a dark alley.

His days are mostly spent meditating. This skill was mastered during his stay with some very knowledgable Chinese elders during the late Winter of 2010. Many often mistake the deep meditative state as sleeping, but this is definitely not the case.

Strength is one thing that Cashmere is known for, strength of the mind that is. You may call it stubbornness but he refers to it only as strong minded. During his early years he did plenty of yoga and has reached full enlightenment, so he feels that his physical practice is now complete.

He tries to stay on a fairly strict whole foods diet, but is not afraid to let loose with a little bit of coconut ice cream, or a tasty Five Guys burger.

Refrain from touching his head or pulling his ears and you may even be lucky enough to feed him a mint!