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Olympic weightlifting, functional strength training, along with bodyweight movements, metabolic conditioning and more are mixed together to improve strength, mobility, and conditioning. We welcome all abilities in the HI-PER™ class as we are master mechanics at scaling the workouts to your individual fitness abilities. HI-PER™ is a 60 minute class and is offered all week long, so dig in!



We consider our Foundations program to be kind of like holding hands on a first date! By attending we'll introduce and define all of our movements in a workshop type setting. This will save you the frustration of feeling like "the new guy/gal". During each 1 hour session we will take you through a variety of movements beginning with some basic bodyweight movements, and ending with more complex barbell movements. Once you’ve completed this 4 session program you will be eligible to sign up for regular Strength & Conditioning classes.



Ashtanga is like the ballet of the dance world. It's old, traditional and challenging. It teaches us to be patient with our bodies as it learns to heal and strengthen through methodical sequencing. It highlights discipline, devotion, dedication and determination in our daily practice on and off the mat. The hardest part is simply showing up on your mat. Let practice take care of itself.


30-120 MINUTES

Move at your own pace and level. Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice with a set sequence that you learn gradually over time. Sounds pretty sweet right? If you’re new to yoga, this may be a great place to start building your yoga practice a posture at a time. If you want to learn the Ashtanga method and already have a background in other styles of yoga, this is also a great place to begin. Practice for a newbie can be as short as 20 minutes. More seasoned practitioners may practice up to 2 hours. There is a wide range of levels and abilities in one class. It’s like getting a private but in a group setting. What can beat that? All levels welcome.
**Important** This is NOT like a full led class for one hour. Mysore can be as short as 20 minutes for the beginner to as long as 120 minutes for a seasoned practitioner. Show up anytime between the 90 minutes to 2 hour window as long as you finish by the end time.



New to yoga? Seasoned pro? This all levels flow class is a great platform to build body awareness, strength and flexibility without taking it too seriously. The class is scalable to fit your practice whether it be brand spankin' new or you need some good ole' fashion vinyasa. We provide fun yet challenging options for your practice. Gain confidence in your practice by structuring a solid foundation through this one hour led class. Some light demoing may be provided. There'll be a combination of forward folding, hip opening, spinal twists, back bending, and some basic arm balance and inversion prep. You may scale down or up according to what you’re comfortable with and capable of that day. We encourage beginners to get their yoga feet wet in this fun fluid class. All levels are welcome.



As the acronym implies, it’s more goodies for you! Mobility + recovery AND movement + refined. We will target our “weak” links and progress toward better movement techniques, stability and range. Borrowing methods from a variety of modalities, we tap into bridging that movement gap. It’s definitely not your typical yoga class but we do have some stretchy time. All levels welcome and encouraged.