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October's Mobility Focus Pocus! WICKED SPLITS

Two words for you. Hips & Hamstrings. Feast your eyes on this lil' sample of good things coming!

These are some of the top areas (hips & hamstrings) people want to work on to feel more functional and just overall amazing in their day to day and when they wanna play.

Let's dive into one of the more exciting ways to open those suckers up! S.P.L.I.T.S.

We'll look at a variety of splits to help you achieve more supple hamstrings and mobile hips. 

Why do we want to do this you ask?

Well, for starters, everyone should be able to bend down and tie their own shoes or pick something up without throwing their back out or can't even get back up. So, functional longevity. 

Second, range of movement. Squat lower, extend farther, straight legs toes-to-bar, leap over rainbows with ease and grace.

lisa frank 

 Tribute to Lisa Frank (you always got  a piece o' my heart)

Thirdly, better posture. When hip flexors be tight, your body can tend to pitch forward if you're not aware. That then leads to an overreactive response from your QL (those are the muscles on either side of your lower back). Muscle spasms much?

You say you're too old or whatever? I say you might be right. We can chronologically be 50 but feel 20 or vice versa. Regardless, don't you want to feel more able overall? Munch on that for a hot sec.

There will be progressions offered during this month to help you access this best for where you are in the journey. Start with what you have not what you used to have or what you never had. Just start and don't bitch. Okay? Okay. So let's get started!

Step 1: Follow us on IG for tips and tricks: pranavibe
Step 2: Perform the splits 3x/wk
Step 3: Post a pic of you performing all three splits on IG by 10/31 w/ #pranavibe #pvwickedsplits #focuspocus

Here's to juicy hips and pliable hamstrings!!!