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ALCHEMY "a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way" - Merriam Webster Dictionary

Have you given your practice enough time and dedication to witness your own evolution? Unfortunately, many people don't stick around long enough or practice consistently enough to experience the magic that DOES happen. 

Practice heals. Practice strengthens. Practice reveals and releases. 

It can feel or seem boring when there seems to be no growth. The growth isn't always physical. It's the state of mind and the art of breathing and moving that eventually offers transformation. 

We've forgotten that in order to be part of change, we have to do the work. Come. Practice. Show up even when you're tired, stressed, bored, too busy or whatever the trending excuse is. 

Stagnation happens when we approach it from a physical workout point of view. Yes, I hear this a lot. "It's an awesome workout." *cringe* Yes, it is. But, it's hardly why I practice. Honestly, I come to my mat to have a face to face with myself. It's a moment of truth.

There's not a lot of extra stuff now in my practice. Music is off. I do however use props when needed. #erectorsetyoga Usually it's just me practicing by myself and sometimes I'm fortunate to have a buddy or two to practice with me.

Alchemy. It's truth in a bottle. Drink up when you're ready.


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