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At first glance, it does look really serious. Yoga. While many of us have heard of its benefits, ie. increased flexibility, better body awareness, de-stress, enhanced breathing, etc. it's still not enough for some peeps to stick with it or even try it. 

The questions that I must ask are... Do you ever feel like the world is too noisy? Do you ever want to experience peace and quiet? Do you ever stop to smell the metaphorical roses?

Ironically, many of us take vacations to go after these very things. Yoga IS a break from the noise, the chatter and distractions that invevitably go along with our modern day lives in Northern Virginia and beyond.

The physical practice is a moving meditation. It's time for us to observe our breathing or lack thereof. It's time to reconnect to our bodies and listen to what it is telling us. If we truly listen, we can hear our hips and hamstrings tell us that we sit too much. We can hear our shoulders scream out that we need to stop slouching over computers for hours on end. We can hear our necks tell us that burying our faces in our phones is debilitating our spine. Finally, if we listen really carefully...we can hear that it loves yoga. 

So, that serious look on the faces of people practicing isn't that they're taking themselves too seriously but that they are going inward on this fun ride toward infinite discovery of who they are and being totally cool with it.

Namaste bitches.