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2014 Snow Stormageddon. 

As we all know in the DC area, any kind of precipitation creates a panic. While it's totally legit since we're not equipped like Colorado for such fun times, there are those few who choose to confront the challenge with a big fat smile on their faces.

That particular person is Mr. Shaun Louis Trujillo.

At the sparkly time of 6am, Shaun couldn't wait to get up and start shoveling snow so that we may get to the studio. Here I am, saying that the world is probably closed and maybe we shouldn't open. "If you don't want to go just say it." He knows me well. There's several inches of snow out there! Hookie! Time to spring clean, catch up on reading, yoga at home. 

Shaun's enthusiasm is quite contagious. I knew I'd feel better if I just got my ass to the studio and do whatever the Mex tells me to do in the workout. Then, I might have the delight of teaching a yoga class.

Could anyone out there also be as crazed as Shaun? I know for a fact that there are those who are just like him. It's not just snow, it could be any obstacle. It could be traffic, family, work, fatigue, stress, laziness. Yet, these individuals find a way to make it happen. It's not just a simple workout. It's not just stretching on the yoga mat. 

Going back to the blizzard, if you suck at driving in the snow, then please stay home and be safe. If someone else sucks at driving in the snow and you don't know how to avoid them, then please stay home and have some hot chocolate and build snowmen.

If you want to get good at driving in the snow, please make an appt with Shaun and he'll give you some lessons.

UPDATE: Shaun did the best he could but the Mini was just too low and the snow too high to make it out of the community in time for the morning classes. But, we did venture out later in the afternoon to ensure our studio parking lot was plowed. So get ready folks for some fun times at PV! Who knows, maybe we'll take our sleds out and make you push them outside!