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Lo and behold we have a new family member! She's a 1973 VW Super Beetle. Her name is Orange Crush (Crush for short). After several months of waiting, she was finally ready and we drove out to West Virginia to pick this restored cutie up. 

It was me, Cashmere and Shaun together as one big family going to pick up Crush. The drive started out pretty smoothly. Shaun had never been to WV and the first part of the drive was sunny and glorious. The mountains were beautiful. However, the roads through the mountains were windy and graded. We drove through several small towns which of course slowed us down quite a bit. We knew it was going to be a long ride coming back. 

4.5 hours later, we reached French Creek. Gleaming with excitement, we met the business owner who restored Crush and he seemed pretty nice. After a quick cordial chat, we started the journey back home with Crush.

At first, it started out with no hitches. Whew! She was slow. We averaged about 40-50 mph. At our second pit stop, we started to notice a small issue. Crush had trouble starting up. Hmmm. After about 20 minutes, we got her running. In my mind, I prayed we wouldn't have any further problems. Not so lucky.

It was DARK. I mean DARK. Not so fun driving in pitch black through the mountainside. I could barely see poor little Crush in my rear view mirror as she struggled to keep up. After 6 hours, we finally reached Rt. 66. People zoomed past us in a 70mph speed limit zone while we were driving at the fastest 55mph. A big tractor trailer decided to get between us and stayed behind me for a good long while. I got nervous. Then, I got the fateful call from Shaun.

"I'm stalled out on the side of 66. Come get me." Argh! I was so far ahead by then that it took me a while to get to the next exit, turn around and find him. At that point we called my insurance company to get Crush towed. Long story short, the tow truck never came. During that time, I had to pee. We created a "stall" by opening the front and rear passenger doors. Hey, whatever works. Luckily, I also brought enough food for us to have "dinner". I WAS PISSED. We were only about 30 minutes away from home. Why oh why?


2 hours later, a random tow truck came to our rescue. We finally made our way back home after we dropped Crush off at an autoshop. It was 3am. 14 hours later. We made it back.

"Well at least were together as a family and it was an adventure." I'll give Shaun props for being positive. But, that didn't last long when he found out a few days later there wasn't a heater box in Crush. WTF.

I know Crush will be fine. This journey was chock full of fun, excitement, frustration, exhaustion, and disappointment. It's much like life. You just gotta roll with it.