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ALCHEMY "a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way" - Merriam Webster Dictionary Have you given your practice enough time and dedication to witness your own evolution? Unfortunately, many people don't stick around long enough or practice consistently enough to experience the magic that DOES happen. Practice heals. Practice strengthens. Practice reveals and releases. Read More


At first glance, it does look really serious. Yoga. While many of us have heard of its benefits, ie. increased flexibility, better body awareness, de-stress, enhanced breathing, etc. it's still not enough for some peeps to stick with it or even try it. The questions that I must ask are... Do you ever feel like the world is too noisy? Do you ever want to experience peace and quiet? Do you ever stop to smell the metaphorical roses? Read More


2014 Snow Stormageddon. As we all know in the DC area, any kind of precipitation creates a panic. While it's totally legit since we're not equipped like Colorado for such fun times, there are those few who choose to confront the challenge with a big fat smile on their faces. That particular person is Mr. Shaun Louis Trujillo. Read More


Lo and behold we have a new family member! She's a 1973 VW Super Beetle. Her name is Orange Crush (Crush for short). After several months of waiting, she was finally ready and we drove out to West Virginia to pick this restored cutie up. It was me, Cashmere and Shaun together as one big family going to pick up Crush. The drive started out pretty smoothly. Shaun had never been to WV and the first part of the drive was sunny and glorious. Read More