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There will come a time in your practice when you want less. If you're in it long enough, it'll happen. It happened to me. 

Eventually, the practice moves from an external one, full of fun music, crowded rooms, a teacher's cues, and a window with a view....to an internal silent wonderland.

We have more than one body. We have several actually. 

1. Physical body
2. Energetic/pranic body
3. Emotional body
4. Intuitive body
5. Bliss/Enlightened body

The jump from #1 to #2 is usually where the outer world starts to not matter as much. We can practice anywhere and anytime. The internal journey then becomes so much more interesting and profound. It's kinda scary but cool at the same time.

At the very least, it's so worth it to stick with the journey long enough to experience your energetic body. Getting beyond the physical body is tragically hard. There's pain, distraction, stiffness, lethargy, boredom, drama, and resistance. For instance, many people who delve into the world of Ashtanga aren't able to commit to the demands of a regular dedicated practice. 

If you want more from yoga than just exercise, then you can have it. All you have to do to start and stay the path is get on the mat regularly. "Practice and ALL is coming." - Guruji

We evolve with the yoga practice. It becomes a part of our being. Choose to slow down and face your demons. Choose self acceptance, sympathy and compassion. Be patient. Ashtanga has taught me very simply to practice with patience. Without it, you'll come out bitter, burned, and frustrated. 

There's nothing extravagant behind the veil to grab your attention. What IS behind the curtain, is very simply...YOU.