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Maddy O' Connor

October 26th, 2011. After realizing she needed to get her shit together, Maddy bought a Groupon for hot yoga. A lifelong sloth, she thought she just wasn’t cut out for fitnessing. After one class she was hooked on bending, pranayama, and lavender scented savasanas.

After a few years of noodling Maddy realized her body was becoming VERY unbalanced. She googled “strong yoga” and found Prana Vibe. She couldn’t do a single chaturanga but fell in love with the struggle. Eventually she started to dabble in strength and conditioning and the rest is history.

Maddy finally listened to her heart and began teacher training under Yoga Master VA about a year ago, and now holds a 200 Hour RYT. She hopes to inspire people to be fearless, playful and forgiving with themselves in their movement practices and life.

Maddy O' Connor instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Yoga: All Levels
  • New to yoga? Seasoned pro? This all levels flow class is a great platform to build body awareness, strength and flexibility without taking it too seriously. The class is scalable to fit your practice whether it be brand spankin' new or you need some good ole' fashion vinyasa. We provide fun yet challenging options for your practice. Gain confidence in your practice by structuring a solid foundation through this one hour led class. Some light demoing may be provided. There'll be a combination of forward folding, hip opening, spinal twists, back bending, and some basic arm balance and inversion prep. You may scale down or up according to what you’re comfortable with and capable of that day. We encourage beginners to get their yoga feet wet in this fun fluid class. All levels are welcome.