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Virginia Lung

Virginia's yoga journey started 15 years ago. It started off as a simple curiosity which blossomed into a way of life. Vinyasa found her, grounded her and transformed her. It came to her during a hard time in her life...getting out of a very difficult relationship, moving and illness.

At first, yoga was Virginia's means of healing her heart. Then, it became a physical challenge; a search for a deeper practice. Finally, she landed in her Ashtanga practice. It seemed balanced. Physically demanding. Mentally uplifting. Constant evolution and growth. Things off the mat started to matter more. Relationships with people, food and consumption meant something on a whole new level of consciousness.

Through Ashtanga tradition and evolution, Virginia hopes to inspire you to practice, practice, practice. It will seep into your life, making it strong, deep, and thoughtful.

Virginia trained under:
Kimberly Wilson, Tranquil Space
Patty Ivey, Down Dog Yoga
Baron Baptiste, BPYI
Shiva Rea
Jenny & Jason, AcroYoga
Tim Miller
David Kyle, It's Yoga Puerto Rico
Other factoids:
Extensive Baptiste trainings
Rocket Yoga Certified
Ashtanga intensives and immersions

Virginia Lung instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Yoga: All Levels
  • New to yoga? Seasoned pro? This all levels flow class is a great platform to build body awareness, strength and flexibility without taking it too seriously. The class is scalable to fit your practice whether it be brand spankin' new or you need some good ole' fashion vinyasa. We provide fun yet challenging options for your practice. Gain confidence in your practice by structuring a solid foundation through this one hour led class. Some light demoing may be provided. There'll be a combination of forward folding, hip opening, spinal twists, back bending, and some basic arm balance and inversion prep. You may scale down or up according to what you’re comfortable with and capable of that day. We encourage beginners to get their yoga feet wet in this fun fluid class. All levels are welcome.

  • MO+RE - All Levels
  • Mobility & Recovery is more than just foam rolling and lacrosse ball stuff. We all wish we had a little more time to devote to do active recovery and mobilize our joints more effectively. This class will cut right to the chase and help you get there faster. The yoga piece is geared more towards enhancing mindfulness and applying more grounding postures. MO+RE is a necessary supplement to your already kick-ass workouts and practices!

  • Ashtanga Yoga: Mysore Style
  • Move at your own pace and level. Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice with a set sequence that you learn gradually over time. Sounds pretty sweet right? If you’re new to yoga, this may be a great place to start building your yoga practice. If you want to learn the Ashtanga method and already have a background in other styles of yoga, this is also a great place to begin. Practice for a newbie can be as short as 20 minutes. More seasoned practitioners may practice up to 2 hours. There is a wide range of levels and abilities in one class and all is welcome. It’s like getting a private but in a group setting. What can beat that?  All levels are welcome.
    **IMPORTANT** Show up anytime between the 2 hours as long as you finish by the end time.